Welcome. We provide our clients with experience and advise in virtually every discipline of the Law…

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About us


A Gentle Introduction:  “Empowering Clients Through Sound Advice”


At K C Law Chambers Solicitors, we provide our clients with experience and advise in virtually every discipline of the Law.

We co-ordinate multifaceted teams in negotiation, dispute resolution and transactions for the protection of your interests. With lawyers in the United Kingdom. We can respond knowledgeably, effectively and quickly, whether the issue is local, regional, national or international.
Our lawyers speak a variety of languages and are familiar with international business customs. Our awareness of and respect for cultural differences support our ability to manage the challenges of doing business in the global community.

Our clients can expect our lawyers to be responsive, attentive and flexible, and to communicate on a regular basis and in understandable terms. This approach manifests itself in many ways, from assuring that telephone calls are returned promptly and Online Clients Account Management to identifying cost savings, Speed, and Reliability that the Client might not have previously considered.

Within the firm are graduates of highly reputable law schools who come from diverse backgrounds and united by our sole commitment which is to provide clients with quality legal services in Company & Commercial Law, Property, Crime, Litigation, Family Law, Employment, Personal injury,Immigration and Asylum and many more…
Since our founding, we have prided ourselves on excellence and hard work. Our sense of achievement and our prosperity are inextricably linked with yours.

At K C Law Chambers Solicitors we believe that “A happy workforce is a more efficient workforce”.

We take a proactive approach in respect of work undertaken on behalf of both private and business clients. We listen to our clients concerns, thier expectations and what they consider as being their preferred outcome. We advise our clients accordingly.

After listening to and understanding our clients need, query, problem or desired/preferred outcome, we put forward a workable solution to the issues raised by our clients.

Whilst we continue to grow we are able to constantly offer a wealth of knowledge and expertise within our various departments. This ensures clients have access to a wide range of skills and expertise to solve their problem or achieve their goal, all under one roof.

K C Law Chambers Solicitors have a passion for law and believe that as we achieve success after success on behalf of our client our reputation as one of the leading firms in our field will be not go unnoticed.

We work closely with Counsels to continue to build up a corporate networking base both in the United Kingdom, America, Europe, Africa and the Far East, such associations may be of some benefit to our clients. K C Law Chambers Solicitors provides a comprehensive list of capabilities that we are able to offer our clients as a first class service.

We take pride in our profession and the work we do for our clients. Our standards and quality of service is high. Our client’s are our paramount consideration, as it is our clients who make us who we are today a leading force in our own right.

As you read through our site you will see that we offer a comprehensive service to our clients and invest in our employees.


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