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Disclaimer Notice:

Recently, it has been brought to our attention that a certain individual/s using the name k c chambers or K C Solicitors with location in Birmingham UK, and with various alias including 1. Mr. Tariq,  2. Mr. Jason  3. Mr. Muntaz and with the telephone number 03001232040, has posed to be associated or working for our practice K C Law chambers solicitors, located in London.

This is to disclaim that these individual names are not that of past or present employees of k c law chambers solicitors, that the company name which individuals presently operate under, namely k c chambers/k c solicitors is not the same registered and regulated name as that of the practice kc law chambers solicitors.

That k c law chambers solicitors is regulated by the solicitors regulations authority in the provision of the legal services. Further, the telephone numbers and website address are different. It is our candied advice that you do not carry out any transactions with the said k c chambers/k c solicitors, who we are now aware are ‘fictitious’.

Steps have been taken to bring this to the attention of the Solicitors Regulatory Authority’s fraud team and the Internet fraud specialist police unit. If you are have had any dealing with that outfit and are concerned, please contact your local police unit, alternative contact us on 0207 2543353 for further details. K C Law chambers solicitors disclaim responsibility for any past or future loss which may occur as a result of any third party dealing with the above outfit/s as we are in no way associated.

Thank you.

K C Law Chambers Solicitors- Management