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The cost of a case is one of the most important things that clients want to know. This is why we will always be clear and transparent about how much your case is likely to cost. We have two main billing structures;

Fixed – Fee
For the majority of cases we offer a Fixed-Fee structure.  We charge a one-off fee for some or all of the work carried out on your case plus disbursements and VAT.
We offer fixed-fees in the following areas;
All general litigation matters,Immigration, Divorce (not including financial orders),Housing,Family Law,Employment Law

The above fees, excludes disbursements i.e. (filling fees, barristers fees) etc.

Hourly Rates:
For more complicated cases we charge on a time spent basis.  Time is broken down into 6 minute units in line with industry standard.  Our hourly rates are always competitive, and we will invariably seek your permission before instructing barristers or incurring other expenses which may be necessary to see your case to a successful conclusion.  Fees will always be explained thoroughly before any work is undertaken in your matter.
Contentingency Fee Agreement CFA 

We will undertake a risk assessment in order to determine whether we would be able to take on your case on the above basis



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